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U.S. HealthWorks Email Encryption Notice
In our ongoing efforts to protect HIPAA-sensitive PHI (Personal Health Information) data, we continue to take pro-active steps to ensure enhanced security measures.

As you may have already experienced, emails from U.S. HealthWorks containing HIPAA-protected or PHI data are sent "secure" which means the subject line includes the word secure in parenthesis and looks like this: [secure]. This directs you to a Sophos website where you can logon and retrieve the encrypted info.

We are also sending automated emails (such as Work Status Reports) via encryption as well. As with emails by individuals, the subject line will contain [secure] and you will need to follow the link to the Sophos website to retrieve the encrypted file.

Please click the below link to read more on how to receive encrypted email and contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for your continued patronage!
How To Receive Encrypted Email

If you would like access to our Client Communication System which provides on-line reporting on the status of your employees' treatment,
please contact your U.S. HealthWorks sales representative to get your account set up or click here to submit your request online: CCS Access Request